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Block any external attempt to hack your webcam or microphone!

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shieldApps WebCam Blocker

ShieldApps’ Webcam Blocker is a cyber-privacy software designed to protect your computer’s webcam and microphone from hacking attempts and any internal or external breach.

ShieldApps’ Webcam Blocker equips you with a highly sophisticated security software that utilizes advanced privacy enhancement algorithms – packaged in a simple interface that allows a single-click protection.

digitally block

ShieldApps’ Webcam Blocker equips standard webcams with advanced privacy protection mechanisms, allowing you to Digitally Block any attempt of hacking your camera by hackers, tracking companies, and other malicious 3rd parties

A simple and practical solution to block and protect your webcam and microphone from any external breaches or attempts on your privacy!

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Do You Think Putting a Sticky Tape Over Your Webcam is Enough? Well, IT IS NOT! ShieldApps Webcam Blocker Replaces webcam covers and sticky-tapes with a much better, digitally effective solution.

Nexo Secure Shop works together with ShieldApps to offer you the most suitable products to protect your desktop.

Webcam locker

Upon selecting the options any external or internal attempt to access the webcam will be denied.

Microphone blocker

The Microphone Blocker feature blocks access to the computer’s audio port, providing the user complete and absolute confidence and privacy.​


The clean and user-friendly design will give you an easy, one-click control over both Webcam and microphone blocking features.​

Privacy and security

ShieldApps Webcam Blocker adds another layer of protection to your computer and proactive privacy approach!​

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PC Privacy Shield Features

We have already blocked thousand of attempts. Live a Safe and Smart Digital Life. Keep your webcam from prying eyes, stalkers and unapproved applications!

Find out the best solutions of the market thanks to ShieldApps products and Nexo Secure Shop.

Privacy protection

ShieldApps Webcam Blocker prevents hackers from accessing and using information collected through webcam and microphone against you.

Microphone blocker on demand

The Microphone blocking feature denies access to the audio port of the computer, actively preventing anyone listening until you decide otherwise.

Security online

Webcam and Microphone Blocker feature will provide protection over your private life and ensure the privacy of your information, by keeping eavesdroppers away.

High performance

Performance does not clash with any other software installed on user’s device. The lightweight of the software does not affect your PC’s daily performance

Webcam blocker on demand

The Webcam blocking feature will block any usage of your PC’s webcam. The webcam will show a black screen with the installed software that uses it as well as criminals looking to abuse it.

Simplicity and usability

The clean and accessible interface is designed to provide the user a quick approach to block the webcam and/or microphone in one click

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