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Automated and carefull Defender

Ransomware Defender deals with known ransomware in a way no other solution can. Specially designed for detecting and blocking ransomware prior to any damage, Ransomware Defender blacklists and stops both common and unique ransomware. Once installed, Ransomware Defender stands guard 24/7 utilizing active protection algorithms enhanced with user-friendly alerts and notifications system.

Ransomware Defender is fully automated, taking care of all threats via an advanced Scan > Detect > Lock Down mechanism that proactively stands guard to detected threats, and works alongside all main antiviruses and anti-malware products!

Ransomware Defender also features a scheduled automatic scan, secured file eraser, lifetime updates and support!

New features

Added protection from online threats! Ransomware Defender will block malicious websites and online scripts from attacking your computer.

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Ransomware Defender is and advanced & comprehensive anti-ransomware solution!Armed with comprehensive detection engines & blocking mechanisms Ransomware Defender brings your PC safety & defense to a new level! Find out the most suitable ways to protect all your devices.

Ransomware detection

Detects and removes any known ransomware before it can take action and harm your PC.

Deep scan

The program will deep-scan your device and find hidden ransomware in both high and low level folders.

24/7 Protection

Ransomware Defender stands guard at all times, with adjustable schedule scans and 24/7 real-time detection mechanism..

Active Protection

Ransomware Defender provides a complete hands-off option, proactively managing scan, detection & block processes for you.​

Ransomware Defender Features

Due to nowadays internet risk more and more people are concerned about the importance of priacy and here it comes Nexo Secure Shop. We work together with ShieldApps products so we protect every user computer in a n easy automatized way. Check out the most important highlights of this plan

Smart Ransome detection

Detects and removes any known ransomware before it can take action and harm your PC.

Scheduled scan/clean action

Schedule automated scans at your desired frequency and timing, thus make sure you do not forget to manually scan your computer frequently.

Internet Security

Ransomware Defender protects you from malicious online attempts to attack your computer and infect it with malware.

Automatic update

Ransomware Defender automatically updates on a daily basis, ensuring the most comprehensive and accurate detection rate possible.

Errase Usernames and Passwords

Stands guard 365/24/7. Any suspicious activity will be stopped, reported and removed if needed.​


Fully automated with just a few clicks. All needed processes will be performed automatically for you.

Ransome protection

Always keeps an eye out for possible ransomware threats

Secure file eraser

If you suspect some applications on your PC contains the threat, you’ll be able to remove it alongside with every file related to it.

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