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Advanced hard drive space cleaner!

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Hard Disk Shield

Hard Disk Shield is an advanced hard drive space cleaner that enables a detailed scan and a safe cleaning process – thus freeing up needed hard drive space.

Hard Disk Shield will scan and map local sections of your hard drive and will list all irrelevant files that are safe to be deleted in order to free up more hard drive space. Hard Disk Shield will delete (upon your choice) unneeded duplicate files that take up much-needed hard drive space and will also map all your large files on the chosen drive or folder and allow you to selectively delete them as needed.

User-friendly hard dirve cleaner

Hard Disk Shield also contains an easy to use hard drive defragmenter that allows a computer to perform at its peak levels.

Hard Disk Shield is the fastest and most user-friendly hard drive cleaner available, trusted daily by millions!

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Take a look to the features allowed at te best hard drive cleaner which is trusted by millions and millions of users and rising day by day.

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Delete unneded files

Hard Disk Shield scans your hard drive & locates large, unneeded & irrelevant files. It will locate files taking up space you might not be aware of, and prompt you to delete them.

Delete duplicate files

Hard Disk Shield searches, lists & deletes duplicate files located on the hard drive, thus making room for files that are acute/necessary to the user.

HD defragmentation

Hard Disk Shield rearranges data on your hard drive & reunites the fragmented data so the computer can run at an optimal level & save important hard drive space.

Smart scan and report automation

The smart scan will map and report all related files that can be cleaned from your system by section. Upon choice, you can either clean all or selectively choose specific folders and sections to be cleaned.

Hard Disk Shield Features

Kepp all your data safe and organised with all Hard Disk Shield highlights to ensure que protection of all your data.

Just spend your time in what you really want, and Nexo Secure Shop together with ShieldApps will do the rest.

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Document duplicates finder

The duplicates finder will browse through all your user related documents (Microsoft office documents, images, music files, video files etc’), list the ones that are suspected to be exact duplicates and prompt you to choose the ones you want deleted

Real-time protection

PC Privacy Shield detects malicious threats in real time and lets you clean them before they cause harm.


Hard Disk Shield allows you to choose what and when to clean. Some users have an actual need for duplicate files, browser records and such to be kept . Hard Disk Shield’s settings allow exclusion of specific folders and files from the general cleaning procedure.​

Delete Cookies

PC Privacy Shield will search your computer of any undesirable cookies that are found on it. This will help protect you from aggressive advertisers as well as malicious hackers.

Errase usernames and passwords

Defragmenting your hard drive narrows down its work to the exact needed, and by rearranging your hard drive fragmented data your drives will work much more efficiently and effectively​

Scheduled cleaning

With PC Privacy Shield you can clean your computer any time, and even program scheduled cleaning just in case you forget.

Clean or Replace your browser history

The large files scan will scan and report back all files larger than 10mb and their location, thus discovering files that are rather large in size and yet you may not have been aware of. The files chosen will be deleted from the system in order to free up the needed hard drive space.

Scan for threats

PC Privacy Shield lets you easily scan your PC or laptop for any potential threats. The dashboard will instantly display your PC’s vulnerability by revealing any potential security and privacy issues.

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